Does KREST Support GZIP Deflate

Hi all,

I'd like to know if anyone out there knows whether or not it is possible to read a compressed web service with the KREST nodes?

Using a GET Resources node I set the Accept-Encoding to gzip, deflate.  The response header comes back looking fine but the response body is still compressed (see attached images).

I'm hoping there's a setting I'm missing to read the compressed response body or someone knows if it can't be done so I can move on with the uncompressed service.



Not sure if this would work in Knime, but perhaps a Java Snippet could convert the gzip'd string?

Just an idea...




hmmm, don't think this works because the compressed bytes come out in the Response body as a String data type.  I guess if there's a way to convert it back to its compressed byte form in the Java Snippet first, then I could deflate it...

anyone out there know how to or if you can do that?