Does Tag filter recognize ANCORA tags?

Tagger model “Spanish” in Stanford Tagger node is based in the Ancora Treebank tag set. I’m using this node for tagging documents (Image attached).

However, when I try to use the Tag Type “ANCORA” in the Tag filter node, it doesn’t recognize the tags. I wanted to know if there is a problem with Tag Type “ANCORA” in Tag filter node.

It is worth mentioning that, by now, I am using Tagger model “Spanish UD” (Stanford Tagger node) along with Tag Type “UDPOS” (Tag filter node) and it seems to work well.

Thanks in advanced!

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Hello @AndreeMC

As an alternative you can use Redfield NLP Nodes extension for Spanish language. It uses POS and UDPOS tag sets.

There is an example for Spanish language on Hub: Customer Opinion Analysis with Redfield BERT and Spacy nodes – KNIME Hub


Thanks! I will try this.