Double Click On Tab

Double clicking on the tab used to open the workflow so that is was in full screen mode (well in version 2.8 it did).  This does not happen anymore in version 3.3.  How can I open the workflow in full screen mode?



I think it wasnt working in 3.2 either.  Very sad as a massively useful feature... another vote here for "please can we have it back?"!


I have mentioned this bug over a year ago. Anyway, here's a "workaround":

1. click on the tab/panel you want to maximize
2. maximize using the shortcut Ctrl + M

From now on, double clicking will work again. At least until you quit KNIME. :-(


I think it's an eclipse bug which therefore KNIME also suffers from. Thanks for the workaround! 



Hi Everyone,

yes, sam is unfortunately right. It is an eclipse problem. And it is only the first time, afterwards it works.

My workaround is, first double click on the explorer, than make it smal again. Afterwards I can maximize the workbench as well.


Best regards, Iris

Thanks Marc.  Did not see your previous post, but this is a great help.


I picked up a workaround at the latest knime training.  

1.  Double click on the "knime explorer" tab to maximize

2.  Double click again on the "knime explorer" tab to return to original view

3.  From here on out, you should be able to double click and maximize any other tab