Double execution of scheduled workflows on KNIME Server

There is an issue we are facing with the KNIME scheduler. When a workflow is scheduled to execute, let’s say at 05:30 AM every day. The job is triggered two times. The first time it gets triggered 10 minutes before the scheduled time, like 05:19:53 AM and again at 05:30 AM (which is the actual scheduled time). This double (2 times) execution before 10 minutes is happening for all the scheduled workflow jobs.

P.S. We faced it the first time when the server was restarted after maintenance a few weeks ago. So, we deleted all the scheduled jobs and re-scheduled them again fresh. Then the double execution issues were gone. But when the server was restarted yesterday, we are again facing this double execution issue. So, we wanted to have a permanent fix for this issue.

Windows Edition: Windows Server 2019 Datacenter, Version: 1809, O.S. Build: 1773.1999

KNIME Server: knime-server-

Appreciate any suggestion/recommendation on fixing this issue.

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Hi @vijayv2k

We have seen a similar issue before, where the root cause was the system’s clock drifting.

Do you have the server deployed on-premise, or are you on Azure or AWS? If you’re using AWS for instance, you could look into Keeping Time With Amazon Time Sync Service | AWS News Blog.

Could you also send your server’s localhost.<date>.log file (located at <server-installation>\apache-tomcat-<version>\logs) to (Ideally with a reference to this post)?

Kind regards

Hi @marvin.kickuth

We have the server deployed on-premise. I have shared the logs over email.


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I was wondering if there was an update on this, we had a similar issue early this month where a workflow was triggered twice.

Hi Ahsan,

I have sent you an email about the issue last friday, and I re-sent it on sunday. Could you please let me know if you got my message?

Best wishes