Double y-axis using Python node


I suppose my question is rather simple, but I’m stuck at this point.

I am trying to create a plot (scatter or line, both is fine) where I have two y-axis on the same x-axis.

If have found this example, that solves it:

I would like to arrange my data the following way:
Time on x-axis (this is shared and moved to rowID, so shouldn’t be a problem.)
Torgue on y-axis 1
Temp on y-axis 2

The trick is, that I might have multiple datasets. So I have to plot several pairs in one plot.

I guess, I might have given too few informations to help me, but then please just ask, and I will supply (within the NDA’s of my company.)

Best regards

Hi @BjarkePetersen,

the idea is that you use this node to generate visualization (=view) in KNIME using python:
Here is a small example that splits the original matplotlib example into two components that mimic a real workflow- you have data first read out and processed and then the view gets the final data and builds up the plot:
The Python View node has an associated view that displays the gnerated plot, see this section of the intro course on knime:



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