Download Images from TileView?

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is there a way to download images from TileView (JavaScript) node?
I see you cannot do something like ‘Save Image as’, or ‘Copy Image’.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Hi @d3n1s,

you usually have to enable the generation of the image which enables you to save it locally. Though, I noticed the tile view does not offer such an option which is likely because the tile view not offering a chart as such but interactive tiles.

Screenshot from this example workflow:

Maybe you share your sample data so we could find another representation of your data from which an image could get generated?


Actually I need the TileView, as I need something dynamic. I have a matrix type chart on one hand, at which I click on certain cells and display images for selected cells in the TileView. Do you think this can be solved differently? Thanks

Giving this a few thought I believe you can only approach this by:

  1. Generating the HMTL code (and CSS) yourself
  2. Inject the code using the Advance Composite Layout View

  1. Write the report as a PDF or HTML


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