Download url of Open Street Map node


I am unable to find the Open Streep Map node in the update site.

Request you to please provide the url also I would also like to know if we have any nodes for GeoSpatial analysis.


Unni Krishnan.






Hi Unni,

what KNIME version are you using? In KNIME 2.8 and 2.9 (I would recommend you to use the latest version) the Open Street Map Extension can be installed via File > Install KNIME Extensions ... > KNIME Labs Extensions > KNIME Open Street Map Integration.

The nodes are mainly for the visualization and basic filtering of geo-data, so far. Dedicated nodes for geo spatial analysis are not contained. But I suppose that some operations might be realised with KNIME standard nodes. What kind of operations are you planing to perform?



 Hi Martin,


Thanks for the reply.

I am using the eclipse sdk knime.I am just trying some data analysis to find distance between two points.

Can u please tell if i can download these extensions in zip format.



Hi Unni,

1. To calculate the distances between points you can, for instance, use a node from the KNIME Distance Matrix-Extension (Installation: File > Install KNIME Extensions ... > KNIME & Extensions > KNIME Distance Matrix). After installation you'll find a node called "Distance Matrix Calculate" that creates a distance matrix (i.e. containing the distances between every pair of table rows). The "Split Collection Column" node will ungroup the result of the distance matrix-node to be able to access its entries.

2. You can download the KNIME update site as a zip-file from . That file will contain the Distance-Matrix-Extensions as well as the Open Street Map-Extension, among many others.