Downloading files from URL with header security token

Hi Jason (@j_ochoada ),

hmm, you pass your security token via a header in the GET Request node, right? What the node does, is parse the given headers in a URL format. A Header with key parameter and value 123 will be parsed to a URL similar to something like You could try and craft the URL yourself, e.g. with a String Manipulation node, to attach the header after the Question Mark (?) in the URL (if you’d need to pass strings with spaces and special characters you might want to make use of the urlEncode() function for the values).

With a non-formal CSV you mean that the formatting does not conform to the CSV “standard”? Would the File Reader or the File Reader (Complex Format) work?

Regarding a slow transpose node: there is the chunk size option which can greatly speed up things for large tables. But I see that @elsamuel already posted a nice workflow without the need for the transpose :slight_smile: