Downloading files from URL


I am trying to download a CSV file from the URL using the proxy server with File reader node and I run into this error:

When I enter the link that contains the CSV file into chrome, it doesn’t show the contents of the csv, but rather the download box opens up straight away with options to download or cancel. This suggests, that I the proxy has access to the file and there are no issues downloading it, but the problems arise from Knime side.

What I am thinking is maybe the file reader node doesn’t work with this kind of download and first I should download the file into the system in some other way and then read it into Knime. Has anybody encountered this before? Thank you in advance for the suggestions.

Hi @wytux10,

most likely you try to download from an https url with a unknown certificate for knime.

You will have to download the server certificate to the knime keystore jks - then it should work.
(not sure if there is an easier way - but that always works for me)

Alternativly the Palladian Nodes should work without adding the certificate (e.g. the http Retriever)


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