Downloading files to my local desktop from the KNIME Server

Hey everyone,

i am new in the KNIME-field so i don’t have any big experience in this topic. Maybe one of you has a idea, how i can solve my problem.
I have a local Workflow, which has the node “Call Remote Workflow”-node that runs my “inner Workflow” on the KNIME server. The output file is saved in a given path (on the server).
Now i want to get that output file from the inner workflow to my local desktop computer.
Does anyone have an idea, how i can get this step as easy as possible?


Hi @mendu,

welcome to the KNIME community.

The most simple way it so store the file in the server workspace and drag&drop (or copy&paste) it into your local workspace. If you are interested to do this automatically from within a workflow, then you can use
together with

This way you can download the file from a KNIME Server into your local file system.

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Thanks, it worked with the Connection node “FTP-Connection” :slight_smile: