drag and drop workflow from hub.knime.com

I am having trouble dragging and dropping the KNIME workflow from https://hub.knime.com/ to my computer. Whenever I try to drop it into KNIME, a “No smoking” sign appears.
As a workaround, I had to download the workflow and import it into KNIME. Can you suggest any other solutions for this issue?

Hi @mohammad_alqoqa, are you able to drag and drop individual components from the hub onto existing workflows in KNIME? if you can’t do that either it is possible you’ve installed KNIME as admin, which has given it admin elevation and prevents drag and drop into it

See this

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same message for both video
can you write the steps as points 1,2,3,…

Hi @mohammad_alqoqa , unfortunately as you have discovered it looks like those videos aren’t available any longer which is unfortunate but if I recall they were just demonstrating what the drag and drop problem looked like.

I did post a screenshot recently describing dragging and dropping a component from the hub which may be useful though…

Might I suggest you take a look directly at this comment on the earlier thread I mentioned…

… and try performing the temp installation using a zip download and see if drag and drop works on that installation.

unfortunately, it’s not working.
I don’t know why maybe I need to do some setting, but what it is?

Hi @mohammad_alqoqa , the only issue I’m aware of that blocks drag and drop from working is when running KNIME as an elevated (admin) user. There isn’t a setting that turns drag and drop on and off.

Can you confirm your KNIME is definitely not running elevated? Are you on Windows? If so, when you followed the steps to see if it was running elevated, what did you see? Can you post a screenshot?

For example, see screenshots of task manager here:


I was running it as admin, but when I run it double-click, drag and drop from https://hub.knime.com/ works without any problem.
thanks a lot for all tips.


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