Driver Register Problem


I'm trying to connect to an Oracle DB. I downloaded jdbc drivers and registered the drivers to KNIME using preferences section. But I can not see the drivers from Database Reader or Database Connector nodes.

Knime Preferences

Best Regards.

Suleyman Keser

Did you restart KNIME?  I believe this is required before you will see the drivers.


Hello Aaron,

I restarted KNIME several times. But nothing changed.


Can you post a link to the driver you used?  I can try it mayself and see if there is anything particular about it. 



I used ojdbc5.jar and the link is

Thank you.

I would try the ojdbc 6 driver as KNIME is currently using Java 1.6.  Give it a try and let us know if this solves the problem.




I tried that but still i can not see the registered drivers.

I use Windows 8 64 Bit operating system. Do you think this could be a problem ?

Is there another way to register driver ?