Drop a workflow to a metanode feature request


i often have workflows designed to do specific tasks. Sometimes I want to do some of these tasks in sequence on a piece of data. Rather than writing out to a knime table in a workflow and reading in a knime table in another workflow, or the messy business of copying and pasting all nodes between workflows, is it possible to have a feature where you could drag a workflow from the top left pane onto the current workflow and it puts that entire workflow inside a metanode with an in and out port.

this would make using multiple workflows together much easier.



Hi Simon, 

We do have a lot of this functionality covered already in KNIME Server 3.6, where we have implemented Linked Metanodes in the server repository This allows you to save your metanode to the server, then use it as you describe.  Additionally, the linked metanode concept allows you to easily update your metanodes and have those changes propagated to the other flows that you have which rely on this sub-process.  

Does that sound like something you could adapt your useage to take advantage of?




thanks for the info, but this is not as dynamic as I would like.

you may just need a workflow copied into an existing one as a one off instance. Uploading this to a server and then downloading again doesn't make sense in terms of efficiency.

and it still means rolling up the workflow into a metanode first.  It's still lots of steps for what should be much easier.