Dropins folder in version 3


I have KNIME v3.1.2 installed on my mac and I noticed there is no folder structure available like in version 2 (just a KNIME-3.1.2.app in my Applications folder).  I did not uninstall/delete KNIME 2.12 from my mac prior to installing 3.1.2 (and it still lives on my mac now).  The KNIME 2.12 directory contains the app as well as common KNIME directories such as configuration, plugins, etc.  I was wondering where the location of the KNIME directory may be installed now?  Or is this a result of not removing the KNIME 2.12 from my mac prior to install of the new version?

Thank you


Figured it out, Just right click on the app and "Show Package Contents" to get to the folders.  This is just a newer way of keeping apps folder clean on El Capitan I guess. 

Hi Dennis,

so this was a Mac Problem?

Best, Iris