Dumb Joiner node from Lhasa Limited

Good afternoon/evening/morning Knimers!

I could use your guidance.

I have created a workflow in the Knime Analytics Platform that uses the Dumb Joiner node from Lhasa Limited. The workflow executes without issue on the Analytics Platform but when I attempt to execute it from the Knime Server, I receive an error "Errors loading workflow ... Node "Dumb Joiner" not availabile from extension "Lhasa Public plugin" (provided by "Lhasa Limited"; plugin "org.lhasalimited.generic" is not installed).

So, I surmise that I must install the pkg to my Linux system. I am in need of the website that I can add to my sources.list file and from which I can download the package for installation.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Hi Brad,

if I remember this correct the Dumb Joiner was released by Lhasa before we published the Column Appender node. But now you can use the Column Appender, it has an option to allow not equal rowids, if this was your goal.

Otherwise the lhasa nodes can be installed from the community extensions and you would need to add the following to your list of sources: http://update.knime.org/community-contributions/3.1

Please let me know if this works for you.

Best regards, Iris