Dummy component

Hi guys,

I have some needs about to trash some data after the process.

G.E.: When a make some tests, and no exists ends for it, I could put a dummy component justo to count this entities or values and finish there. Some dataviz offers it to teste step by step when necessary, closing the flow with congrats, no error message, because it was just a by-pass process. Program example: pentaho data visualization.

I like so much knime, but I miss some featatures that this tool offers.

  • dummy componet
  • string manimulation into 1 note with many sequencial steps (run line 1, then run line 2 with the result from line 1 and going on…


Denis Iongbloed

Just take a random node that can be executed without content like Column Expression or do a Value Counter. The second point should be part of the new Expression node that is in development if I understood it correctly.

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Thanks ArjenEX for quickly answer… I’ll wainting for this news!

BR, Denis

I have tried the Expressions (labs) node out in v5.3 nightly, and it doesn’t seem to have sequential (or “series”) expression capabilities yet, but it is in the development plan.