Duplicate row filter, excluding missing values


I often use the “Duplicate Row FIlter” to filter a specific column, and it works great. The only drawback I find is that sometimes I want to remove the duplicate values of a single column, except when the value is “Missing”. The best way I thought of is to keep the duplicated rows and check “add a column with duplicate, unique, chosen”, then use a row filter to specifically keep the missing values, then use a column filter to remove the added column.
It works, but it’s a lot of work for not much…

Is there a better or cleaner alternative to this?

Thank you

Hello @PaulCombal,

don’t see a better workaround for it (I would do the same in this use case). However I have opened a feature request (Internal Reference: AP-17151) to enhance Duplicate Row Filter with option to treat each missing value as unique. Seems to me this could be useful. Upon any news someone will update this topic so stay tuned!



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