Duplicate Row Finder: Missing Options / Tab


since 5.1 many node configuration menus changes. I.e. the flow variable tab was removed from the node config and into the sub-menu /really inconvenient).

However, this time there seems a crucial functionality missing. The Duplicated Row Filter had a tab which allowed in a very convenient way to recognize and understand the options at hand how to handle duplicated.

This has been hidden now. The default view is:

Hidden behind a radion input type, where there is no indication whatsoever that there are more options available, the aforementioned options become visible. The previous menu was much easier to understand and well structured.

The new “design” feels kind of a gray mess, it lacks orientation, offers poor performance and UX (please see my other topics)

There are somany occasions I got caught by surprise which really feel like really poor UI / UX. Can you please please:

  1. Enable to chose which design (pro vs. beginner) one might desire
  2. Do not roll out inferior UI which seems badly tested, poorly integrated with a connection to the modern UI that is still in development
  3. Ideally revert this until it’s really ready and maybe, just maybe validated by the community?


Hi @mwiegand and thank you again for you feedbacks.

This is now in our list to investigate it further.