Duplicate row removal

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I am trying to create a simple Game model for all possible matches. It starts like this I have 4 players and they want to play badminton doubles.


So I used cross joiner and got a table like this which gives me all the possible scenario’s


Now I can remove combination like Ankit:Ankit using rule engine and then using row filter. I can’t think of the way to remove combination Like Ankit:Hemanta & Hemanta:Ankit. I need to remove these cause these are basically the same game.


You still can do it, using Rule base Row filter with expression like
IF Players1 >= Players2 => True

It does not seems to be working. I am attaching what I have done. This should be output. For eg Ankit:Hemanta and Hemanta:Ankit is a same match
Ankit:Shiv and Shiv:Ankit is a same match
so I want to remove all these duplicates and get only unique match which I have mentioned on the output tab


Badminton Match.knwf (11.6 KB)

Try using the Column Aggregator node to create a list from your two player columns; on the options tab, select the aggregation method “List (sorted)”. You can now run the Duplicate Row Filter on the column containing the sorted lists to get to your desired result.


Hi @Ankit_smart,

this solution is probably not the smartest one but it should give you the expected result.



Example.knwf (53.6 KB)

Thanks Morpheus for your suggestion but as @elsamuel suggested. I have been able to achieve this result with column aggregator and duplicate row filter.

Thanks Elsamuel. This is a really clever way. Thanks for this one.

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