Dynamic connections to Multiple database in single workflow

is there any way that let me make the DB connection dynamically to different databases without me specifying by going in the configuring section of DB CONNECTION. Basically the ask is to cater the use case, where I need to create a workflow, which is capable of exporting data from hadoop to various flavors of database like oracle,DB2,SQL server etc and perform operations like Insert,Update and Delete on them.The connection and credential should be passed on the fly, and connection can be made to various databases based on the configuration passed and accordingly operations can be performed.

That’s possible, but the workflow will be quite large. You can pass in credentials with the Credentials Widget or Credentials Configuration node and enable different branches of the workflow using for example a CASE Switch Variable (Start) node or some other CASE Switch node. You will have to work with flow variables a lot for this.
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similar thing was discussed here so might give you some ideas:

Note: Wrapped Metanodes are now Components. Quickform nodes are now either Widget either Configuration nodes. New database framework is actual.


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