Dynamic Database connection

Hi ,

could any body tell me how to change database connection details dynamically in Knime?I mean to say if we have two instances with different databases pointing to it.I want to chage the connections automatically ,how can i do that.

Thanks in advance.


Could any body reply me for this post?

Hi Sharmila,

you could use the flow variable and use a file properties with different connections.



Thanks for your input.Can you please provide me the exapmle to read data base connection details from file?



Hello Sharmila,

The solution heavily depends on what your file looks like and what information needs to be changed. However, romarra is right that you need to use Flow Variables to change settings dynamically. Here you can find some first steps on how to use Flow Variables.
To get your DB-information from the file into the DB-nodes you need to read in the file (type of reader depends on type of file), use the Table Row To Variable node and set up the DB-node(s) to use the values from the respective Flow Variables.

Hope this helps, otherwise please let me know.