Dynamic Email sending with new files everytime

i have below flow, and the Aim is to get “EVERY MONTH” 5 xlsx file as showmen another image.
here i am asking how can i change the flow, so that the can send an email to every Manager separately for every month ,
i.e : send the email to “Gosse” at April 2024
and i Many Send and email to “Gosse” for May result … the same with all people

Any idea?

Hello @RamyHussein,

Are you trying to send an email to many different people of the same file? Or is it the other way around where you send different files to one person.

If you could post the workflow here that would be helpful on top of clarifying the outcome you want.


Thanks @thor_landstrom ,
as you see the flow generate 5 files “per execution”
I 'm seeking to have a flow that can send each file for each Name separately i.e.
file Named Nicolas → send to Nicolas
file Named Anne → send to Anne … etc
i have variable for emails
and my main issue is to replace the old files in temp folder with New Executed Files "i succeeded it to replace the the files without Execution date added to name " … i.e
the excel files Name became “Nicolas” instead of “Nicolas2023-06-18”

Ah, I understand the outcome you want.

So you can do something like this in a separate workflow:

I will walk through what is going on.

First, you want to run the ‘List Files/Folders’ on that folder that contains your excel files. It should look like this:

Next, we convert that path to a string (as the email node doesn’t recognize paths); Also we want to create a table where you store your Manager’s emails such as:

Now, we combine them with the ‘Column Appender’ → IMPORTANT: Make sure you have the same rowID for the path and email pair so you can combine them on that rowID so your emails are not out of order.

Now, we just simply run this to a ‘Table Row to Variable Loop Start’ and run this to the ‘Send Email’ node where we have all available flow variables we can use.

Hope this helps,


Thank you very much @thor_landstrom

i made the solution like below

the configuration of the loop end adjusted and it works


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