Dynamic input screens

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what do you think would be the most elegant way to set up a dynamic input screen that will eventually be used to document experimental data in a corresponding database. ideally this could be implemented in the web portal. to shed a bit more light on what i think of: generally speaking there are three different working steps, lets call them a, b and c. how can i implement that in case that only steps a and c were part of the experimental protocol, only the precast input screens for step a and c do appear, but not of step b?

looking forward to your replies.

Hi @MB12,
If you simply want to hide certain elements from a Web Portal page, that is easy to do. We have flow control nodes like the IF Switch or, my preference, the CASE Switch Start. Using those, you can selectively disable branches in your workflow based on flow variables. A component or widget that is in such a disabled branch will not be rendered in the Web Portal, allowing you to customize the content of your page. You can also combine it with a Single Selection Widget to let the user choose which content to see!
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