dynamic math calculations

Hello folks,

I have been trying to do some math calculations and comparisons with two columns. For example, I want to append new columns for the result of the comparison of the two columns' values. This process needs to compare each value in column 1 to each in column 2 (like" >= ") and then dynamically create a new column for the result with 0s and 1s.

I think it is not possible to change expression in the math node dynamically. Is there any suggestion to accomplish such a simple task?



That sounds like a simple task for the "if" method (in the math formula node)... unless I misunterstood you?

Column 1         Column 2

x                              a

y                              b

z                              c

What I wish to do is to compare " x " to "a", "b", "c", then compare "y" to "a", "b" ,"c" and so on.

However, in math node or in ruleengine node  all you can do is row-wise comparison, meaning just comparison of x to a, y to b and z to c.

No, it seems something different he is asking for. not so simple as being said.

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Ah, now I see.

Well, the easiest way to accomplish this would probably be to split your table so both columns are separated. Then you could rejoin them with, say, a Cross Joiner. Now you have one row for every pair and the math node is useful again. Be aware though that the cross join will produce a huge table. If that creates problems, you might want to try something else. But splittig will probably be involved in any case.