Dynamic range on reading file

i need to read multiple xlsx files, and in every file data have different range, for example:


in file_1 i need to read only to row8 and on file_2 to row5. I want to do this automatically, becouse i have like 50 files. In this files every one at the end have signature , i don’t know if this is helpful.

Hello @k0sa,

but what would you like to do with data from 50 Excel files? Concatenate? If so range doesn’t matter really as long as you have same data structure in each Excel file. So you can use Files in folder option from Excel Reader to read all 50 files at once. Empty rows will not be read into KNIME, define your column headers properly and you will get your data with “Created by:” information separated. Something like this:

Then you can filter rows if they start with “Created” word if you don’t need this info… Actually you can use this “Created” word to distinguish data from different files :wink:


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