Dynamic selection in flow execution

Is there any option to get that when a flow is executed globally, a pop-up window appears that allows to enter a value for which it filters the final result?
I have seen the Quickform String Input option in an example flow but I have tested its use forces to reset and run the node if you want to change the default option.

Hi there!

Don’t quite understand your use case but pretty sure a pop-up window from within KNIME is not possible when workflow is executed (nor in any part of a workflow) to additionally filter your data set. To inspect your result after workflow execution you can use Range Slider Filter Definition node together with Table Editor/View (JavaScript) node wrapped in a Wrapped Metanode. It is pretty nice and handy for data analysis.


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Thank you very much for the clarification. I find it strange that with all the potential of knime , just that possibility does not exist. It would be very useful and comfortable if we want to run the flow several times, for different selection scenarios. I remember a few years ago with SAS Guide I used that working method.

Juan Carlos

I would say that the best practice is to submit parameters in advance not in popup in the middle of the process flow. If you provide more specific of task on hand as ipasin recommend the solution could be provided to you.

Hi Juan Carlos!

Currently for running same workflow several times with different parameters you can use flow variables. Whether it is a global flow variable or one created from a Quickform node. For example you can encapsulate String input node or a Single Selection node (or both!) in a Wrapped Metanode and from its configuration window control the parameters for workflow.

Maybe a pop-up window would be a nice feature to have. I will pass the idea on :wink: