Dynamic Total Row

Hi Dears,
i know the ways to create a Total Row, but i am asking how can i make it response Automatically with a selections of a Table view?

Hello @RamyHussein,

What type of response do you need? Can you provide any dummy data and output you expect.

you can see in Pic 1 there is a total row which i made it by adding a row.
in Pic 2 i try to select one year “2021” then there is no total …
I want to have something Dynamic like Subtotal in Excel

Hello @RamyHussein,

To make your problem dynamic we can use Components with Table View(Java Script) Node.

  1. Use Table View(Java Script) Node
    Ensure that row selection is enabled in the configuration settings.
  2. Filter rows using Row Filter Node.
    Filter using pattern matching as true for Selected (JavaScript Table View) column
  3. Perform Aggregation operations as needed
  4. Here I have used another Table View Node to show subtotals for selected rows

Finally output would be shown as such

I have also attached workflow below

QnA4.knwf (93.1 KB)


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Thank you very much @yogesh_nawale , but is there any other way to have subtotal without refresh button?

Hi @RamyHussein,

You can configure the Table View node with reference to the following images and explanation.

In the first image, first select all the rows with one click, then select in the selection:

  1. Show only selected rows
  2. Enable toggle

After configuration, open the Table View, and you will see all the checked rows.

If you uncheck a row, it will become invisible in the table.

To retrieve a row, you can select the “Open Settings” button and uncheck the box.

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Thank you @tqAkshay95 , in fact i know this info. but i am asking for another thing, that i can add a subtotal row, for what i am filtering in the table view, it will be summarized in this subtotal row, as what @yogesh_nawale explained but i am aiming to have it in the Table view itself without a another table and refresh option

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Okay, I will get back to you with an answer.

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