Dynamic users customized Working directory at the time of application launch

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I am trying to make working directory at the launch time as dynamic. I want the working directory to show something like “/workflows//workflows” to customize for each user in my production environment. /workflows should be the default workspace.

  1. I have changed default workspace location in config.ini file which is osgi.instance.area.default=@user.home/workflows but it is of no use.
  2. I also added a line in knime.ini file under -vmargs which is also not working Dknime.workspace=/workflows/${user.name}/workflows
  3. I even tried to run an external script to get the working directory as personalised for users which is as below

workspace=“/workflows/$username/workflows” # Customize the workspace directory structure here
mkdir -p “$workspace” # Create the user-specific directory if it doesn’t exist
cd “$workspace” # Change to the user-specific directory
/apps/Knime/knime_4.7.2/knime # Replace with the actual path to knime executable

So, I tried many things to get the customized working directories for my users but nothing seems to work. How much I edit these files I am getting the working directory as
Can anyone know how to achieve this?

Hello lakshmi21,

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Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Based on my understanding, the behaviour you are experiencing is a standard feature of Eclipse. Workspaces cannot be shared among users, so each user needs to have their own workspace. I hope you will find more information in the following links:

eclipse help
micro focus document



Thank you, Keerthan. Those documents are really helpful.

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