Dynamically concatenate and compare values from two sheets.

Hi Team,

Do we have any option for Dynamic Joiner option?
I have a question where in One excel i have 8 columns were 4 columns has Field Name and remaining 4 columns are Expected values from another excel. In the second excel i have multiple columns with same Field Names. The Values are dependent on Field Names. if Field1 has A, Field2 has B then it should concatenate Field1 and Field2 values and concatenate Value1 and Value 2 and check them in second excel sheet.
For example below is a screenshot for reference.
In the above Image we have 3 different cases. Case 1 it should check all the fields and values, in Case 2 the field names are side by side and i guess it wont be an issues if they are side by side. in Case 3 the values are not side by side if we concatenate it will create a missing values(?) and then it will check the third value.
did anyone has worked on similar issue

Thank you in Advance,
Sai Akula.

Hi @saiakula15 -

I’m afraid I don’t understand what it is you’re trying to do. Could you provide both a sample input file, your expected output file, and a workflow in progress showing what you’ve tried?