Eclipse Juno


are there any plans to port KNIME to Eclipse Juno (4.2+)? Currently, KNIME is build on top of Eclipse 3.6, which is 2 years old and does not support state-of-art developer plugins. I think, many KNIME node developers will be very happy to see an up to date version of KNIME using the newest Eclipse version.


PS: Using the update site with Eclipse 4.2 isn't possible, because KNIME SDK (and other features you provide) isn't compatible with the newest Eclipse Platform and Eclipse Developer Tools.

Currently we don't have any plans in this direction. Eclipse 4 has major changes in the plug-in architecture, and the 3.x releases after 3.6 don't offer any significant advantages for KNIME.

Ok, thanks for your response.

Is it possible to use Eclipse Juno as IDE to create plugins for KNIME? (Coding only, because the NewNode-Wizard isn't compatible) If I try to import a project in from Eclipse 3.6 to Eclipse Juno, I get an error that plugin dependencies (org.knime.*) are missing. But I only want to write code against your API, not running it under Eclipse Juno.

We haven't used Juno yet and currently don't have ressources to look into it.

Ok, a friend has shown me a solution for my problem. Here are the steps to use Juno as IDE for KNIME:

  1. Import your KNIME node project into Juno (it will show you some errors, because plugin dependencies are missing).
  2. Go to File->New->Other->Plug-In Development and select Target Definition
  3. Complete the wizard.
  4. Open your new target definition and click on Defintion->Locations->Add. Select Software Site, and use to import KNIME Core.
  5. Juno will import KNIME Core + Base + decencies (Eclipse 3.6 stuff) without installing it (it will use a sort of virtual Eclipse environment)
  6. In your target overview page (Definition), click on Select as Target Platform
  7. Juno will recompile your project without errors by using the (virtual) target
  8. Create a new Eclipse-like run configuration and select org.knime.product.KNIME_PRODUCT under Run a Product and add -ea -Xmx1G -XX:MaxPermSize=512M to VM arguments
  9. Now you can run KNIME but using a up to date Juno as IDE.

[EDIT] You can use the same update site in Juno to install KNIME Node Development Tools->KNIME Node Wizard, which is compatible to Juno. You will find it under File->New->Other->Other->Create New KNIME Node Extension and it will provide the same function as the node wizard from the official SDK. [/EDIT]

[EDIT2] Ah, and don't forget to set Runtime JRE under Run Configurations to Java 6, because KNIME has some problems with Java 7. [/EDIT2]