eclipse plugin without nodes


I'd like to create a plugin which offers functionality (KNIME dependent) to other plugins containing nodes. What is the best way to create such a plugin. If I use the KNIME wizard, I only get a plugin with a node. Would I simply remove unnecessary stuff?

Or would it make more sense to create a general plugin project but what would I select as target platform then, the Eclipse version? I've attached three screenshots how I think the configuration should look like but as it's pretty essential to set everything correct, I'd like to hear your opinion.

Thank's in advance!

You can simply remove the node (and its references in the plugin.xml) from the generated plug-in. Or create a new plug-in as you have shown in the screenshots and do not use a template at all in the last step. You don't need to worry about about target platforms, it is simply the KNIME SDK in which you are developing.