Ecommerce Fit analysis

Hi All,

does anyone ever made a model on the return base on size problem, i would like tu create a model that help me tu understand if some style fitting too big or too small , conisderate that i have this info from the return center .



Hi geppopompo,

Yes, in my previous job I was responsible for all e-commerce fashion platform analysis, including the Return - Size issues. The Analytics Engine was all made with KNIME and R.

Let me know how I can help you :-)



Hi Frank,

I would like to know which model did you use to analyze the dataset, right now i have all info about return if is too big or too small, i would like to create a model that helps me to understand which style is fitting to small and which site is fitting to big , so i can create an alert on the PDP page.

Hope you can give me some advise.