Edit different rows of one column

Hello guys!
Does anyone know how I can edit different rows in one column? I will post an screenshot here to clarify my issue. It’s all about the last column.

I want to edit those names in Col3, for example in row 37 I have a ‘transcription factor nuclear receptor’ and I would like to edit the name into ‘transcription factor’. The cell splitter node wouldn’t solve my problem because I need to edit many rows so it would be great if there was an easier solution.
Thank you!

Hello @Jutta1971,

well in usually users use Rule Engine node and LIKE operator in these cases. Would that work for you also?



Another approach is to use a lookup table that you can build using the table creator node, to a find and replace using java snippet node.
If you save the look up table in a file i am given to understand you can use a find and replace dictionary node.


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