Edit KNIME Executable file for Deployed Workflow

is there a way to edit the code for the KNIME executable that triggers a deployed workflow?

would like to insert ‘window.close’ for the required browser which a user must open to call the workflow for execution via URL (in summary, close the browser after execution)

Helllo @jj_knime,

Are you using the KNIME Server to deploy and run the workflow? You could use the KNIME REST API to run the job within your application and then close the browser. Or you could use the KNIME WebPortal to run the job and then let the user close it.

KNIME does not produce code but a set of files that can be deployed to the KNIME Server for deployment. Could you provide more details on the way you are deploying a workflow?


hi Cynthia! thx for responding. yes, this workflow is deployed via the KNIME server; I am using the executable URL (API supplied from the SWAGGER site). when a browser is launched and the executable runs, I am looking for the ability to close the browser automatically (after workflow completion) – w/out the user having to manually close the browser…was looking to do this through javascrcipt – and was hoping there was a way to access the KNIME executable code to insert a ‘window.close’ statement as part of the ‘browser updates’. (in short – looking for a way to execute the workflow - on demand (NOT a scheduled job) - and have that process be ‘hands-off’ for the client) thoughts on how to accomplish that?

Hi @jj_knime,

The REST API is what you can use to call jobs on demand so you are on the right track. How are you calling the KNIME job? It may be easier to see what you are doing and provide feedback. Can you let me know where are you located so I can setup a zoom meeting?

Cynthia cynthia.padilla@knime.com

hi Cynthia -
I am calling the KNIME job by launching a new browser through Javascript (using the executable URL). Since I cannot close this window from the client side automatically, I wanted to see if there was a way to close the browser window from the executable code. If you want to chat live via Zoom, send me the credentials (I am in the NorthEast). Thx much!

Please send me an email to cynthia.padilla@knime.com to arrange a time and send you the zoom meeting. Thanks.

can we meet at 6PM ET today pls – I just rcvd your response and am running a mtg/ have a conflict