Edit Numeric Domain behavior


I’m new to Knime and I’m having trouble with Edit Numeric Domain. I have a column of data that should range from 0.0 to 100.0 and for values outside of that the value should replaced with the endpoint. So a value of -3.7 should be replaced with 0.0 and a value of 107.3 should be replaced with 100.0.

If I run Edit Numeric Domain with the Fail policy it’s definitely detecting the out or range values. However, if I run the node with the Use existing bounds policy the out of range values are not changed.

What am I missing?



Hi @rscottrowland2,

The Edit Numeric Domain node do not edit the actual values but the upper and lower bounds of the column domain which you can see in the Spec tab of the output table.

You can use a Rule Engine node to perform your task. Let’s say you have values in the column1 in a range from 1 to 10 and you want to have values in a range from 3 to 8, then in the Rule Engine configuration dialog node you write the following:

$column1$ > 8 => 8
$column1$ < 3 => 3
TRUE => $column1$


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Thanks Anna!! That worked!

Thanks for answering the newbie question. I’m still getting familiar with all the nodes.


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