Edit Saved Metanode (Personal Productive Extension, Knime 3.4)

Hi everybody,

I've installed Knime 3.4 and I'm trying to use the metanode linking functionality.

What I did is to save a metanode as template and creating an absolute link. I used the linked metanode in some parts of the workflow but when I tried to edit the metanode (and update the others linked metanode) I found that I  coudn't edit any of the metanode.

Even looking in the metanode saved in the local repository I coudn't find any option to edit the metanodes.

Is there any way to edit a saved metanode?

Thank you very much



Sorry no advice for you, but I am having the same problem.  Could someone from KNIME send a link out with the full documentation of how to use all the features of the Personal Productive Extension.  I am not even 100% sure of what each of the options mean when creating a metanode template:

1) Create absolute link

2) Create mountpoint-relaltive link

3) Create workflow-relative link

4) Don't link metanode with save template.

So again full documentation of the features would be a very helpful.



Thanks Macca. I agree  with you some documentation would be very helpful.

Thanks Macca. I agree  with you some documentation would be very helpful.

Hi Both, 

this is correct. You need to do the disconnect, than edit and afterwards overwrite the template.

This is the same on the server.

Best, Iris 

An update.

The only way I found to edit a saved metanode template is to

  • copy the metanode on a workflow
  • disconnect the link
  • edit the metanode
  • save it again in the same position and with the same name

The you can update the linked metanode.

Anyone has found a more direct way to modify a template metanode?

In this post, it looks like that -in knime server - you don't need to disconnect the link to edit the changes.