Edit the rules in the "Decision Tree to Ruleset" node

Hi eveybody, I just downloaded the new Knime Version and I think that is fantastic.

I was using the the "Decision Tree to Ruleset" node and I wonder how can I edit the rules for instance, one of the original rule says:

"$PAT$ <= 954604.5 AND $PAS$ <= 966195.5 AND $PAT$ <= 2905579.0 => Bin 1"

then I want to change it by, 

"$PAT$ <= 954604.5 AND $PAS$ <= 966195.5 AND $PAT$ <= 2905579.0 => SEGMENT ONE"

I am attaching the node with the workflow and info.

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With the Split rules to condition and outcome option, you can have the outcomes in a separate column. With a String Replace (Dictionary) or a Rule Engine node you can add a new outcome column (or replace the old). After that, you can use these columns with the new Rule Engine (Dictionary) node to apply the rules (or create a PMML RuleSet).

Cheers, gabor

Thank you aborg I followed your advice and worked, but I beg you if you check the attached workflow just to know if there is a more efficient way to do it.

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That looks good, althought the column rename and the string manipulation are not required before Rule Engine (Dictionary). You can check the attached workflow.

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