Edit Wrapped Metanode Template?

Is there a way to edit a Wrapped Metanode Template?

I “Encapsulate into Wrapped Metanode”, then “Wrapped Metanode / Setup…” to add a couple of input ports (Workflow Variable), then “Wrapped Metanode / Save as Template…”.

Later, I want to edit my template, and not lose my input ports. I don’t see any way to edit the template. I can use “Encapsulate into Wrapped Metanode” on an instance of the template, but I lose my input ports (and presumably any links to the original template".

Is creating a Wrapped Metanode Tempate, one-way, with no way to edit the template?

Hi bassman,

You can edit the template, but there’s some additional steps involved. As soon as you save a metanode as template and link it, it becomes a read-only instance of that template. To edit, you need to put the template somewhere in a workflow, right-click -> wrapped metanode -> disconnect link.

After, you’ll be able to edit the metanode again. After you’re done, you need to save it again as a template, and overwrite the old template in your repository. Since you create a link when saving, all workflows that used the old template can be updated with the newer version upon opening them.

Hope that helps!



Works great! Thanks!

Hello, Roland,
I just stumbled upon your answer because I had the same question and couldn’t find it on https://www.knime.com/blog/wrapped-metanodes-and-metanode-templates-in-knime-analytics-platform.

Maybe you can add the information there to save others searching. :slight_smile:


Hi @netzstreuner,

That’s a very good point, thanks a lot for that! I’ll make sure this is added to that post - after all, it’s a pretty central piece of information :slight_smile:


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