Editable Interactive Table Viewer

Is there any way in KNIME to modify the data by hand, I cannot find any way to do it.

Ideally what is wanted is something similar to the Interactive Table viewer node with an out-port. In the table viewer you can modify the values or strings within the cells to whatever you wish, and delete rows if desired. Then as soon as the table viewer window is closed the workflow continues through the out-port with the modifications made.

The reason I ask for this is to set up a chemical inventory in an excel sheet which is put on a server. I then set up a KNIME workflow to allow substructure searching in the database, in which it reports back the amount of material and location. But I want it easy for the material and location to be modified by the user. i.e. once user finds the chemical they want from the substructure search, they can change the location to them and then go and collect it, then the modified data is written back to the excel sheet with an XLS Writer node.

I dont want to be using String Replacer nodes to change the content, as that will be too cumbersome for the user.

Any thoughts.


You can read in a csv file, copy the output in the KNIME view, paste it into a Table Creator node, manipulate the data, and then write it back out.  Relatively painless, although I agree eliminating the single step of copying and pasting would be nice.



I agree an editable Tableview would be nice. In the meanwhile you can use the RSnippet with the following code

matrix = as.matrix(knime.in)
knime.out<- data.frame(matrix)

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I'm wondering if such an editor has been implemented eventually? Maybe in a third part extension? Unfortunately, ths R-based table editor proposed above isn't functional enough.




Such editor would be very useful.