Editing table in knime.


I am wondering if there is a way to edit a table in knime. Is there a way to let say flip a outcome of table to node like “Table creator”, so I can add some information to it?

For instance after Groupby node I have something like that:


And I would like to add some extra information that will change in future according to director decision.
So the result of that should be:


or at other time like:


And that result will be used in further process in workflow. The products and quantity in future will differ so this assessment of “Shipment part” will be done manually.

I know hat I can copy and paste (old school) the entire table from groupby to Table creator but isn’t there a way to do that in automatically way ?

Thanks for help.

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Hi @89trunks,
How about VLOOKUP function like Excel.
Product may be lookup_value and Shipment part may result.
If OK, may I share how to use nodes like VLOOKUP function.

Vlookup function.knwf (10.8 KB)


Hi @89trunks you can use a column appender after your group by, to insert the “Shipment part” column and then edit it using the Table Editor node available in Views>JavaScript. You need to have the KNIME JavaScript Views extension installed


Charm_Myae Thank you for idea.
iperez That is what I was looking for. You’re my savior.


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