Eliminate errors in linked workflows

Hello to everyone; I have workflows that I want to run linked to. But I don’t want to stop the others from failing when there is a problem. In other words, I would like to find the best solution for how I can do this from one point of the previous workflow (timing or start).

Thanks for your answers

Hi @umutcankurt,

Usually one would use the try…catch nodes to tell knime how to continue when an error occurs. I am however not sure that this will work if the error occurs in a metanode - I’d suggest you try it out.



I think there is no way to do this between wrapped metanodes.
But if you use metanodes instead, it is possible to do what you want by using Try/Catch Errors construct:

metanode- error.knwf (28.9 KB)



Dear Armin @armingrudd;
Thanks for the solution method :+1:

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