Eliminate random rows

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I need some help, I have a complex process were I have to pull samples, not to exceed “X” qty, I know the sampling node have the function of % and also an specific “x” number, but after I ran a cycle for the complex selection criteria samples I exceed this “X” qty and I need to eliminate some for an specific target and not to all the samples, I need to randomly eliminate based on a variable “Y” qty of rows to get the “X” qty I need. Any idea?

Hi @beteta_m
This sounds like a job for ‘Recursive Loop’ family nodes.

I don’t think that I fully understood the process explanation:
When you said:

Do you need to eliminate (unclear term) ‘some’ random number of rows from initial dataset? or do you work with the remaining data from the first A extraction?

Are these variables A, B predefined?

We would appreciate if you can elaborate this a bit more with a mock example.


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filter those for the target which are to much, do a random sampling on this subset and then concatenate it back to the others

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