Email if a workflow via batch fail

Hi to all,
I try to find a solution that send me an email if a workflow via batch fail. I can accept all type of solution, in Knime workflow or external via windows command line with external tool.

Hi @vedansh87 ,

First of all, the email node works even the error don’t happens? to check if the problem is with the node or the batch.

You need to use try/catch nodes to register a flag and make it works. try at the begin, set a variable as true after that and before the catch node. From the error catch ports, you can set a error variable.

Now you can use rule engine to set the port (top/bottom) seeing the result, and use the “IF” node, passing the result to direct to top if “OK” or bottom to “error”.

If error, you add a email node to send you the message,

BR, Denis

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Ok @denisfi
I realized it like your suggestion. Thanks