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LE: it seems that altough i see “” the characters behind what’s displayed is not that. The email node works with this email if i’m manually writing it down in TO. If, however, I’m copying the the email address from variables and pasting in TO, it gives the same error as bellow, although the strings look identical. Anyone know how I can make this string normal? :slight_smile:


I’m using the Email node for sometimes but today i’ve got stuck in something. I have a workflow with a loop that’s generating a personalized xls report and sending it to its dedicated recipient based on a list and table in datamart with email addresses. In Email node everything is filled by variables (to, cc, subject, attachment). I’m using a shared mailbox.

All worked fine until today when I tried sending emails to my colleagues in bulgaria. Altough i get the email addresses from the same table, column, I get the following error:

ERROR Send Email 7:5384:0:5438 Execute failed: Error while communicating with the
smtp server: javax.mail.SendFailedException: Invalid Addresses;
nested exception is:
com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPAddressFailedException: 501 Syntax error, parameters in command “RCPT TO:<iv5lin0.st5f0n>v0@0v>n.A>m>” unrecognized or missing

Now, the fun thing is that TO is controlled by a variable that is a proper email address. However, it looks like the node read the variable as “iv5lin0.st5f0n>v0@0v>n.A>m” instead of “” how i’m seeing it in the variables list. If i’m copying the string from the variables and using it as is in the Email node, it works, but as a variable it doesn’t.

Those anyone manage to go over something like this?


Hi @lucian.cristian,

how is the value of the variable set? :thinking:
I use the email node alot an never had such a problem.

Could it be that there is a character set problem with loading the address (e.g. Email Adresse is initially encoded in UTF8)

Do you maybe have an example workflow with this error?
Then it would be easier to see what the problem is about / how you could fix your workflow :slight_smile:


I still don’t get what the problem was - i ended up using sql executor to update one by one the values in the table which was providing the variables. The real wonder was that if I copy pasted the email address in the SQL script I would still give me that error. If however I would manually write the email address in script, no error. That’s Bermuda Triangle stuff for me, but I spent to much time on this eitherway, only had 24 records to update so I did it the hard way… :slight_smile:

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