Emailing BIRT Reports using Variables

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I’m creating a workflow that takes a table of employee data, create an individual BIRT report per employee, and then mails said report to employee. The workflow reports this process until all employees have been emailed. I feel I’m close to a solution but am missing a crucial component. When attempting to run the workflow, the call workflow(table-based) node does not yield results. All that is present is a red X. I’d appreciate any advice and guidance from the community.
KNIME_Community_WF1.knwf (21.8 KB)

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What is the error you get? Your workflow was reset before saving it so all results were lost. Also workflow can not be started as there is no Excel file you are importing at the beginning and there is no workflow you are calling either… So workflow doesn’t help much in troubleshooting :smiley:


Ivan. Thank you for the guidance. I’m attaching both workflows and the backing Excel file. I’m getting an error regarding an inactive branch. Thank you again for taking the time.KNIME_Community_WF2.knwf (74.3 KB)
KNIME_Community_WF1.knwf (29.2 KB)
Test POC Data.xlsx (15.5 KB)


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the reason you have red X after Call Workflow (Table Based) node is because you do not receive anything from called workflow. You need Container Output (Table) node in the called workflow. Check Call Workflow (Table Based) for more info :wink:


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