Emailing BIRT Reports with Table Row to Variable

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I’ve created a workflow that takes a table of employee data, creates a BIRT report per employee, and then mails said report to employee. Each employee would have a different BIRT and this would repeat for each employee report based on the fed data.

I’m hoping someone has advice on options to attach the BIRT report to the email node. I’ve tried a few examples from the server but have not been successful.

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KNIME_Community_WF1.knwf (29.2 KB)

KNIME_Community_WF2.knwf (74.3 KB)


Save the report files with the employees’ usernames as the file names in the same folder.
Use List Files node to list the files and a Table Row To Variable Loop Start node. Then use the file names to create the email addresses to which you send the report in each loop iteration.


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@armingrudd - Brilliant! Thank you for the guidance.

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