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I want to be able to create a flow variable that changes only the number noted below. I am using this as a subject line in an email, and I would like be able to have it automatically be changed so I do not have to manually go in and update every time I run the workflow. I would run it 10 times for numbers 1 - 10.



Hello @rparr009,

can you share a bit more about your process? Like are you sending 10 emails in a single workflow run and you do that every month or?


I would be sending 10 emails. So I would want them to named, 2101_01_Fab, 2101_02_Fab, 2101_03_Fab.

Please let me know if that awnsers your question!

Thanks so much for your help!

I could think of something like using a loop (10 iterations) and use the string manipulation variable to change the input to the number of the current loop

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Hello @rparr009,

String Manipulation (Variable) where you create desired subject inside a loop (which you have to use anyways as you are sending 10 emails) would be my first try. If you are using Table Row To Variable Loop Start add 01, 02, 03… in new column.


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