Embedding4All Conector


Where is the Embendding4All Connector node?

I had been using it in the nightly version 5.2 but it has disappeared.

Someone could help me?

Hey @MoLa_Data, the node that you want to use is, as of right now, only available through the nightly community trunk https://update.knime.com/community-contributions/trunk update page and will be available through the regular update page for 5.2 on release.


The nodes GPT4ALL and Embendding4all already don´t read the model as before, the extensión when you download now is different, and these nodes don’t work, Is it for the nightly version or for another reason?


Hello @MoLa_Data , you are correct. Gpt4All just released with the message you showed:

October 19th, 2023: GGUF Support Launches
Models used with a previous version of GPT4All (.bin extension) will no longer work.

We will eventually release an update so that the new models will work, but but for now you can only use the old ‘.bin’ files.



Thank you so much @Alex_JW

I will be tuned on it

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