Empty cells not recognized in xls reader

Hi :)

In my first workflow I have created a table with several empty cells through the xls writer. There is no "?" or "0" in this emtpy cells. But when I would like to merge some columns afterwards it does not work, Knime does not "see" the empty cells as empty I think.

I also tried the missing value node to confirm my suspicion, so I want to overwrite all empty cells with a "?". The missing value node as well does not "see" the empty cells?!

Can someone help me?

I forgot to say, that i used the xls file in another workflow, through xls reader, to merge columns and do some other stuff.

We recently added an option to handle missing values in the XLS Writer node.

Gabriel, you reply to the Mrs_Sippi and say “We recently added an option to handle missing values in the XLS node.” Ok, well, what is it??? What is it called, where do we go, what is the answer?

the excel writer has a checkbox
“replace missing values by”
where you can put in a value

Thanks Daniel, I’ll give that a try next time. None of the solutions on this forum or on others worked. I solved the problem by going back to the excel sheet and clearing the formatting from the column. Knime was then able to recognize the column as a missing values with the ? and I was easily able to fix then in Knime. Im very new to Knime and still learning so to me it should be able to handle these issues, I shouldnt need to go back to Excel. But question on the Excel Writer node. I see that the excel reader node can connect to it, but the writer node doesnt have an outbound connection. So after using the writer node how do I continue to do row\column filtering etc… Regards

The writer is often the final step in the workflow. If you want to continue you could also use the prior node and connect it to other nodes, basically having a writer node as well as another node connected to the prior node