Empty KNIME Explorer


When I start KNIME, I see message, that community server unavalible. After this I see empty KNIME explorer, new KNIME workflow wizard not work. 

Can I do something in this case?

Thank you,


You are also missing the "LOCAL (Local Workspace)".


Does the Workflow Projects view work?

No, it don't work. I couldn't create new workflow, open others. I try download and start "clear" version, but I see the same. KNIME 2.6.3 couldn't connect to server, but work well with local repo.

Hi Max, if you make the explorer view a bit bigger, you should see something that looks like a clip-board in the upper-right corner of the view.  Click on this and see if you can add back your views.  For future reference there is probably a bug here that we will investigate and try to fix. 



Hi, Aaron,

Yes, I found it. Now I see my local repo in Explorer and can work with projects. Error with server connection remaining. By the way, tips window is empty.

Thank you!

I'm not sure how easy it will be to fix the connectivity to the example server as I'm not sure what is causing the problem.  What OS and Java versions are you running?



OS: openSUSE 12.3

Java: JRE from KNIME directory.